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We’re reinventing supplementary education.

We’re building a way to make it accessible for anyone to develop core mental skills, skills that we believe are tools for success in school. Many children lack exposure to environments that develop these skills, which typically take time to build, but we’ve found a way to accelerate such development, and make it accessible to everyone.

Removing barriers

It turns out that many school-based activities (e.g. solving a maths problem) can be simulated without even using maths, or numbers, or any literal language. And we’ve spent the last few years doing just that - simulating these key moments, but in a completely different environment. One where anyone can practice through them.

Designed in schools

One day, when we have the time, we plan to look up every “educational game” available, and actually map out which ones were designed in schools. Our belief is that very few of them were designed and developed in schools, let alone accepted by teachers. Everything we do is validated, vetted, and endorsed by schools, and all relevant stakeholders.

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